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Online Sex Shop Store

A bit of history

The company "Pink Rabbit" was established in 2001 in Saint Petersburg; back then we decided to become the best and the largest sex shop retail chain in Russia. And we achieved the goal – now we own more than 25 retail stores and on-line shop. We deliver lingerie and sex toys to every corner of Russia by mail or by courier. We offer the products of the highest quality and provide the best shopping experience with the greatest service possible.

Why shop with us?

- We deliver pleasure!
Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal! That is why our online store is customer friendly and so easy to use.

- Over 25,000+ products available!
One of the largest selections of sex toys in the Russia.

- Low price guarantee!
We promise to bet any competitor's price!

- Quick Delivery.
We are the only sex shop that ships orders from warehouses located in Saint Petersburg to every corner of Russia.

- Absolute Privacy.
Your personal information is never shared with anyone.

- Discreet Shipping & Billing.
The package will look completely innocuous! Name of our sex shop will not appear on any credit card or any other payment statement.

- 24/7 Site Security & Data Protection.
We use the best and most up-to-date security software on the market. All your personal data will be protected with 256-bit SSL encryption protocol.


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